October 2021


North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


Brain Hacks For Coping With Challenges Featuring Wellness Medicine Summit Speaker Matt Wallaert

While physically we may be far apart, the Wellness Medicine Summit Team strives to bring our community closer together. During these challenging times, our mission is to continue spreading health, hope, healing, and support. Introducing our strength series: educational videos from our speakers with insight, tips, and education on how to navigate this unprecedented and unexpected landscape. We invite you to follow along and join us in supporting and strengthening our incredible community.

Learn about the science behind how a meditation practice calms anxiety with Wellness Medicine Summit speaker Ariel Garten, co-founder of the popular Muse meditation headbands.  She takes us through a breakdown of what actually happens in each part of the brain during an anxious moment, and teaches us how you can feel in control. Meditation strengthens your prefrontal cortex, and trains your brain to move out of fight or flight and into calm in stressful situations.  Take a deep breath with Ariel to settle your nervous system and find your power and serenity! 

Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist, innovator, and entrepreneur whose driving purpose is to empower and help others overcome mental obstacles in order to live healthy, happy lives and reach their maximum potential. Garten is co-founder of InteraXon, the makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband. Her team’s meditation and mindfulness training technology has been featured in over 1000 media pieces, and was the feature showcase at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Ariel speaks on stages around the world about happiness, meditation, innovation, and understanding mental health, while consistently giving her audiences the tools they need to help them become their best selves.

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