October 2021


North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


How Eb & Flow Energy Affects You: Exploring The Principle Of Rhythm With Dr. Theresa Bullard

While physically we may be far apart, the Wellness Medicine Summit Team strives to bring our community closer together. During these challenging times, our mission is to continue spreading health, hope, healing, and support. Introducing our strength series: educational videos from our speakers with insight, tips, and education on how to navigate this unprecedented and unexpected landscape. We invite you to follow along and join us in supporting and strengthening our incredible community.

Watch as WM Summit speaker Dr. Theresa Bullard addresses The Principle of Rhythm and the process of ‘Eb and Flow’. In light of the current situation and impact of COVID-19, we find ourselves in the ‘Eb’ – a state where energy and everything around us starts to slow. Now is the time for renewal. Dr. Bullard discusses the need to follow the current of nature and take this time to slow down and nurture ourselves. Dr. Bullard explores how pushing forward in a ‘Flow’ can lead to exhaustion and open ourselves to the higher possibility of sickness. 


Dr. Theresa Bullard

Dr. Theresa Bullard

Dr. Theresa Bullard is a Ph.D. Physicist, the host of “Mystery Teachings” on Gaia TV, and an International Spiritual Teacher with the Modern Mystery School. She merges science, ancient wisdom, and powerful time-tested techniques for harnessing consciousness. Dr. Bullard brings a truly fresh and powerfully altering approach.

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