October 2021


North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


How Microcurrent Technology Can Help 4000+ Chronic Diseases with Dr. John Hache

While physically we may be far apart, the Wellness Medicine Summit Team strives to bring our community closer together. During these challenging times, our mission is to continue spreading health, hope, healing, and support. Introducing our strength series: educational videos from our speakers with insight, tips, and education on how to navigate this unprecedented and unexpected landscape. We invite you to follow along and join us in supporting and strengthening our incredible community.

Here you can listen to Dr. John Hache discuss the history of microcurrent therapy (and how it was originally designed for use in space!). But what does microcurrent technology actually do? Dr. Hache explains the brain’s connection to inflammation, and how the body cannot heal when it’s in fight or flight mode. Microcurrent therapy can put our bodies into parasympathetic mode and different currents can help with a variety of ailments, wounds, and pain. As Dr. Hache explains, inflammation is the major driving force behind 4000+ chronic diseases, so technology such as this is the future of integrative medicine. At the end, he answers some frequently asked questions about microcurrent therapy.


PLUS: Check out the bonus video below from Dr. Michele Katke on what to expect from her workshop at Wellness Medicine Summit 2021!


Dr. John Hache

Dr. John Hache

Dr. John Hache is one of the world’s leading experts in pain resolution – specializing in naturopathic medicine, herbology, homeopathics, and microcurrent therapy. Dr. Hache has spent over 40 years in clinical practice and is the author and co-author of numerous books and training manuals including Biofeedback Basics, “Current Medicine” and “Cellular Makeover” as well as Microcurrent: Advanced Wound Healing: Guide to Understanding and Treating Wounds.

Since the year 2000, John has lectured extensively throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia on the use of Interactive Neuro Stimulation and its use in Bio-Energetic Medicine. Dr. Hache has dedicated his life to helping people suffering from chronic pain resolve their challenges and get off drugs permanently. In 2018, the Dr. Hache and his life partner, Dr. Lorry Hache, founded the Pain Free For Life Community to provide education, resources and support to the over 1.5 Billion people globally who are tired of suffering from chronic and intractable pain.

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